Thursday, 1 December 2016

Science, Sponge Cake and Seniors

Senior Whānau travelled to Helensville today, visiting Kaipara College Science Department and Craigwell House Retirement Village.  


At Kaipara College,  Senior Whānau students enjoyed a programme that included hypothesising about chemical reactions, designing and carrying out a fair test, naming and describing elements in the periodic table, describing the movement of atoms in a test tube, learning about physical and chemical changes and of course creating exciting chemical reactions.  A big thank you to Richard Limmer for inviting us to Kaipara College, to Pace and other Senior Students at Kaipara College for running the morning and to Vicky Ratima for helping out.

                                          Students begin their experiments.

                                          Safety first!

                                          Heating magnesium powder.

                                        William observes a chemical change in Magnesium

                                          Pace enlightens Leo

                                          Potassium Permanganate producing Oxygen

                                          Potassium Permanganate producing Oxygen

                                          Pace helps Ratima with his experiment

                                          The Grand Finale...

Sponge Cake and Seniors

A few weeks ago, the children decided that they would like to Pay it Forward to senior citizens in our area.  We brainstormed ways to make this happen, collected what we needed and practised introductions and conversations.  Yesterday, students baked a sponge cake and brownies. Today they shared their home baked afternoon tea, read magazines, chatted and played board games like Chess, Scrabble and Ludo with a few of the elderly residents of Craigwell House.  

                       Leo enjoys 'Connect 4' and a chat, while chess is played at the next table.

                                              William and Ratima play Ludo and chat.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Eating a Rainbow

Have you heard of 'Eating a Rainbow?'

Today we learned about how the different colours of fruit and vegetables are good for our bodies and brains.  We took a tally of what colour the last fruit or vegetable we ate was and turned this into a pie graph.  Here is our graph.

Our next activity was baking chocolate muffins.  We decided to improve the nutritional content of our chocolate muffins by including vegetables.  
We had a look at what kinds of vegetables were growing in our school gardens.  We found some lettuce, red cabbage, potatoes, broad beans and silverbeet and picked these to include in our muffins. 

We also included apple in one batch of muffins.  Here we are creating our 6 different types of vegetable chocolate muffins.

Arahi mixes silverbeet into the muffin batter

Jack, Leo and Jaedyn mix up some lettuce muffins.

Cynthia, Kayla and Te Taupuhi are proud of their apple and potato muffins.

Paraone prepares some broad beans with David and Jaedyn.

Brody stirs in some cabbage to the muffin mix.

The muffins are nearly ready to bake.

Cooked and ready to ice.

When the muffins had cooled down we iced them.  The Year 7 and 8 students blind taste tested our muffins for us when they arrived back from Tech.  Here are their scores

We were surprised that the lettuce and silver beet muffins were so yummy!

For those students who asked me to "please send the recipe to mum" here is the link for the easy cake recipe we used Easiest Ever Chocolate Cake.  We divided this recipe into six equal parts and added around a cup of vegetables.  We cooked the cabbage, potatoes and broad beans first, the rest we added raw.  Happy baking!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cooperative Problem Solving

Our students noticed that we had a problem with access to our new greenhouse with all the rain and mushy ground.  To solve the problem, they worked together to build a path using recycled materials.
Working in the spirit of tuakana- teina,  Senior and Junior Whānau groups prepared wood for the sides; measured and pegged out the path; dug and moved dirt; laid weed matting; hammered in pegs; drilled and attached the sides, filled the path with pumice and raked the new path smooth to finish.

Here they are in action...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Athletics Training with Kaipara College Coaches

Woodhill students had a great time learning Athletic skills with Kaipara College Junior Coaches this week.  Junior students had a go at Shot Put and Discus while senior students improved their High Jump Skills.  Thank you Sue, Myra and coaches Jordan, Patrick, Jamie, Devon, Alysha, Danielle, Molly and Jackson.  Students are looking forward to their second session next week.  

Junior students learn discus

Matire jumps
Paraone launches
William clears the bar
Te Warana bounds over the bar
Kaipara coaches give Senior Students feedback

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Term 4 in the Senior Whānau

             Welcome to Term 4
Here we are in Term 4 already.  Before we know Christmas will be upon us…Here is the plan for term 4 so far:

   Tues 25 Oct - Tues 29 Nov...... .Year 7/8 Technology
   Wed 19 Oct - Wed. 9 Nov………..….…. …Athletics
   Thurs 3 Nov……..…….…Trip to Auckland Zoo trip
   Wed  9 Nov……………….....Woodhill Athletics Day
    Friday 11 Nov…………….........…Kaipara Athletics
    Thurs Dec 1............. Trip to Kaipara College Science
    Fri 9 Dec………….......…..…….....Year 8 Graduation
    Tues 13 Dec………......……..…..………Prize Giving
Wed14 Dec…….......Whole School Trio to West Wave
Thur15 Dec 12:00…............……….…School Finishes

Exhibition at Kumeu Arts Centre


Last term culminated in an enormously successful Art Exhibition at Kumeu Art Centre.  Every child exhibited 3 - 5 pieces of artwork.  Well done Woodhill!   We will be starting this term looking at photography and digital art.  
The theme for our Inquiry this term is ‘Pay it Forward’.  We will be looking at ways we can show kindness and empathy to others in our school, community and world.  

                  Paraone, B'Elana and Leo work together to solve a Maths problem


This term in Math, we will be beginning with Algebra - looking at patterns and formulae.  Then we will move into reviewing the year's work and revisiting any concepts and ideas students are struggling with.  We will work in flexible groups according to need.  
Your children will be expected to follow up with practice inside and outside of school.  Follow up work is available on Study Ladder, Google Drive, and on E Ako.  Paper copies of follow up work are available in student’s group boxes at school.  


The Physical Education focus this term is Athletics.  We are lucky to be hosting 8 Junior coaches from Kaipara College. this term.   Woodhill students will work together in team rotations each Wednesday and will be coached by Junior Coaches in High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus.   Thank you to Sue Lusty for coordinating the coaches.  


Our main genre foci for writing this term are Reflective writing, Newspaper Reports, Formal Letters and Recounts.   

       Paraone and Bodie work together to programme a robot.

Enviro - Schools 

Continuing our journey towards becoming a self-sustaining Enviro School
Aa we have been identifying micro-organisms and some slightly larger creepy crawlies using our school microscope, we will now be looking at how we can increase the biodiversity of some areas we have identified as being less diverse. 
Some students gardens are thriving and well looked after.  We have started growing some seedlings in our new greenhouse for planting out in gardens and to sell.  We will be adding some competition this term - we will be running a competition for the most successful garden this term.  The criteria will include planning, maintenance and use of vegetables/plants grown.  
Projects this term will include creating pathways to our Greenhouse and around our chicken run.  When the rain stops, we will also be adding irrigation to our Community Gardens.  
A huge thank you to Fiona Roland and Paul C for their help with assembling our new Greenhouse.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Exhibition at Kumeu Art Centre

Kia Ora families,

For those of you who didn't manage to get along to the Kumeu Art Centre, here is a peek at our exhibition.  Well done Woodhill!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Greenhouse Completed!

We have finished building the greenhouse!  Well done Senior Whānau!
Today we will finish the floor with weed mat and pumice.  Thank you to Chris Long for his kind donation of a square metre of pumice :-)  Today we will also begin our planting programme.

Here is the video of Part 2 of our build...