Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Term 4 in the Senior Whānau

             Welcome to Term 4
Here we are in Term 4 already.  Before we know Christmas will be upon us…Here is the plan for term 4 so far:

   Tues 25 Oct - Tues 29 Nov...... .Year 7/8 Technology
   Wed 19 Oct - Wed. 9 Nov………..….…. …Athletics
   Thurs 3 Nov……..…….…Trip to Auckland Zoo trip
   Wed  9 Nov……………….....Woodhill Athletics Day
    Friday 11 Nov…………….........…Kaipara Athletics
    Thurs Dec 1............. Trip to Kaipara College Science
    Fri 9 Dec………….......…..…….....Year 8 Graduation
    Tues 13 Dec………......……..…..………Prize Giving
Wed14 Dec…….......Whole School Trio to West Wave
Thur15 Dec 12:00…............……….…School Finishes

Exhibition at Kumeu Arts Centre


Last term culminated in an enormously successful Art Exhibition at Kumeu Art Centre.  Every child exhibited 3 - 5 pieces of artwork.  Well done Woodhill!   We will be starting this term looking at photography and digital art.  
The theme for our Inquiry this term is ‘Pay it Forward’.  We will be looking at ways we can show kindness and empathy to others in our school, community and world.  

                  Paraone, B'Elana and Leo work together to solve a Maths problem


This term in Math, we will be beginning with Algebra - looking at patterns and formulae.  Then we will move into reviewing the year's work and revisiting any concepts and ideas students are struggling with.  We will work in flexible groups according to need.  
Your children will be expected to follow up with practice inside and outside of school.  Follow up work is available on Study Ladder, Google Drive, and on E Ako.  Paper copies of follow up work are available in student’s group boxes at school.  


The Physical Education focus this term is Athletics.  We are lucky to be hosting 8 Junior coaches from Kaipara College. this term.   Woodhill students will work together in team rotations each Wednesday and will be coached by Junior Coaches in High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus.   Thank you to Sue Lusty for coordinating the coaches.  


Our main genre foci for writing this term are Reflective writing, Newspaper Reports, Formal Letters and Recounts.   

       Paraone and Bodie work together to programme a robot.

Enviro - Schools 

Continuing our journey towards becoming a self-sustaining Enviro School
Aa we have been identifying micro-organisms and some slightly larger creepy crawlies using our school microscope, we will now be looking at how we can increase the biodiversity of some areas we have identified as being less diverse. 
Some students gardens are thriving and well looked after.  We have started growing some seedlings in our new greenhouse for planting out in gardens and to sell.  We will be adding some competition this term - we will be running a competition for the most successful garden this term.  The criteria will include planning, maintenance and use of vegetables/plants grown.  
Projects this term will include creating pathways to our Greenhouse and around our chicken run.  When the rain stops, we will also be adding irrigation to our Community Gardens.  
A huge thank you to Fiona Roland and Paul C for their help with assembling our new Greenhouse.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Exhibition at Kumeu Art Centre

Kia Ora families,

For those of you who didn't manage to get along to the Kumeu Art Centre, here is a peek at our exhibition.  Well done Woodhill!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Greenhouse Completed!

We have finished building the greenhouse!  Well done Senior Whānau!
Today we will finish the floor with weed mat and pumice.  Thank you to Chris Long for his kind donation of a square metre of pumice :-)  Today we will also begin our planting programme.

Here is the video of Part 2 of our build...

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Senior Whānau build a Greenhouse

Woodhill Senior Whānau students continued the journey towards becoming a self-sustaining Enviro School as they began to build a kit-set Greenhouse last Friday.  Students approached the build as a problem -solving project.  Three groups lead by William Roland, Te Warana Ratima and Matire Ratima and supervised by Mrs C, Mr C and Fiona Roland each put together different parts of the Greenhouse.  As they worked, Senior Whānau students used skills such as interpreting instructions, problem-solving and cooperating as a team.  
Soon, students will begin to raise and sell seedlings in the Greenhouse, practicing authentic budgeting and business management skills. They have already started designing advertising for this project in sustainability.  
A huge thank you to Mr C and Fiona Roland for donating their valuable time to help and to Bayer Primary School Science Award for their funding.  Watch this space for Part 2 of the Greenhouse build.  

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Welcome to Term 3

Senior Whānau enjoy Woodhill Cultural Day


I can’t believe we are already in term 3, whew!  The year is whizzing by. Here is the timetable for Term 3 so far…   

Tuesday 26 July - Tuesday 23 August. ……………Year 7/8 Technology
August 2 & 3…………………..……………………Student Conferences
Friday August 12…………………………..……….Greenhouse Assembly Day
Friday August 19……………………………………Kaipara Cross Country
Thursday August 25…………………………..…….MindLab Whole School Trip
Friday September 2…………………….…………..Woodhill School Speech Comp
September 12 - 16………………………….………Art Exhibition Preparation
September 19 - October 1…….............................…Woodhill Exhibition at Kumeu Art Centre

September 21 ……………………………..….……Woodhill X Factor

Here’s how we show a Growth Mindset in Senior Whanau…



In class last term, students looked at art with a social or political message.  They also investigated myths and legends from a range of different cultures.  Putting these two things together, students chose a social issue to be the ‘problem’ in the middle of their stories, writing their own myths.   Each myth has a positive solution with a message thanks to a range of mythical creatures.  Students painted a scene from their myth and are in the process of presenting the whole story in graphic form.      
This term we are focussing on  superheroes, incorporating drama, music, dance and visual art.  Students will be choosing their best artworks to exhibit at Kumeu Art centre from the 19th of September.  

 Boyboy, William and Te Warana create 'Street Art'


The foci for Maths this term are Measurement and Fractions.  Learning in Measurement will include topics such as estimating and measuring accurately, telling the time, calculating area, perimeter and volume and working with money.   You can help at home by discussing practical application for measurement, adding and subtracting money, telling the time, reading timetables etc.  Students also have Study Ladder activities they can access and complete at home as well as  practising our times tables skill builders each day.  

  Te Karawhiu, Bodie, Paraone and Cynthia create 3 dimensional shapes

Jump Jam and Basketball

The Physical Education focus this term is fitness and large ball skills. Students participated in the Bleep test to assess fitness at the start of this term, and will be aiming to better their own scores by the end of the term.  We will be enjoying Jump Jam to facilitate this.  In week 6 this term, Harbour Basketball  coaches will be coming to Woodhill to take several sessions with children.  


Our main genre foci for writing this term are Persuasive texts and Speeches.   We started the term reading through examples of persuasive text at each Year level and examples of effective advertisements to decide what makes an excellent persuasive text.   Students have planned and published an advertisement to sell our school eggs, worm tea or seedlings we will grow in our greenhouse.  They have drafted a persuasive piece to publish on their blogs and are now beginning to look at persuasive speeches.  
Students have set writing goals for the term, and we have broken these goals down into smaller weekly and daily steps in order to clearly see and celebrate progress.    Ask your child if they have achieved their daily goals.   Our focus for the first 3 weeks of the term are on ideas for writing, organisation into paragraphs and the vocabulary we use.  

                              Worm Tea advertisement by William

Enviro - Schools - 

Continuing our journey towards becoming a self sustaining Enviro School
Students have been enjoying the use of our new microscope camera to investigate the biodiversity of our community garden, worm farm and compost areas.  Micro-organisms are identified using online resources and entered into a spreadsheet. each month.  Our next step is to form an hypothesis about why some areas have more diverse life than others and what actions we could take to change this.   Students are well on the way to becoming kaitiaki (guardians) of our living world and life-long learners in the field of Enviro - Science.  
Planting out individual garden spaces has been challenging, with rain water logging the garden and frost killing off some plants.  We have planned a calendar, and will persevere with our green fingers!  We have a few spare squares in our garden if you would like to join us.    
Last term. we built a dust bath for our chickens and planted some kale, rosemary and marjoram in their coop.  Our next step is to begin selling Pickle and McFly’s eggs to pay for their food.  Students have calculated how many eggs they need to sell to make chicken maintenance sustainable.   This may mean adding to our small flock.  
Our major enviro school project this term will be to erect our kit set greenhouse and to begin using it.  We are planning to do this on Friday August 12.  We will need 2 adults to assist with a group of children for the day.    If you are able to help, let me know  ASAP by email,phone or in person.  

  Leo, Paraone and Ratima build a dust bath for the chickens

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Chicken Movie

We have been busy the last few weeks writing, practicing and filming a short movie about one of our Enviro School Actions.  In the movie, we detailed the process of planning, building and populating our chicken coop.  We have sent our short movie to Breakfast TV.

Our Enviro School actions have provided such valuable real life learning for our students.  Our next step is to market and sell our chicken's eggs; the learning for Senior Whānau students will be about visual language, marketing, and budgeting.  

We would appreciate any donations of egg boxes for this.

Here is our movie.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Careers Expo

On Thursday 26 May, our Year 6, 7 and 8 students visited the Careers Expo at Greenlane.
Before the trip, students learned about what a career is, what kinds of skills and interests they already had and what sort of careers these could lead to.  The list of jobs that were of interest to students filled our whole whiteboard.

In small groups, we planned what exhibits we wanted to see and off we went...
We had a great time learning!

 Te Warana, Ratima and Boyboy investigate careers in the armed forces

William, Leo and Paraone hear about study at Unitec

Te Warana tries out surveying equipment

Ratima estimates weights with pizza dough

Scarlet models for a make-up artist (the scar is not real!)

Guess who?